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Manuscript review guidelines for publication in the «Psychology. Economics. Law»



1. All received articles undergo an obligatory testing for plagiarism and reviewing by members of the Editorial Board, Editorial Council, other highly qualified specialists (doctors or candidates of science), whose scientific specialization  is most related  to the subject of the sent materials.


2. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal  defines a correspondence  of the  article with  the Journal’s profile  and directs it on reviewing to the expert having the most close scientific specialization to the subject of the article.


3. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent them are a private property of authors and contain the data which shall not be subject to disclosure. Reviewing is carried out confidentially.


4. Main sections of the review:

–correspondence of the contents of  the article with its name and stated aim;

–how much does the article  corresponds to the modern achievements in the considered science area, a level of its relevance;

–description of merits and demerits of the article, its scientific significance;

–evaluation of the form of material  submission, its compliance to the Journal’s standards;

–suggestions on revision of the text  (if any);

–feasibility of the article’s publication.


5. If the review contains recommendations on correction and revision of  the article, the text of the review or extracts from it is  sending to the author  with a suggestion to take into account  recommendations during preparation of the new version of the article. Article revised by the author goes for reviewing  repeatedly.


6. The final decision on the  article's publication is made by the Editorial Board of the Journal.


7. After decision making by the Editorial Board of the Journal on acceptance  of the article for publication the Executive Secretary informs author about it.


8. Reviews are stored in Editorial Office  of the Journal  within 5 years.

Документы необходимые при поступлении


  • Факультет среднего профессионального образования
  • Консультации психолога на основе аппаратного тестирования
  • Программы, предлагаемые для повышения квалификации работников образовательных учреждений
  • Группы продленного дня
  • Дистанционное образование
  • Факультет дополнительного профессионального образования

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