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Requirements to the materials submitted to the journal



The Journal publishes works in different areas of psychology, economy, law and at the turn of these sciences.

Materials from 12 ths. to 32 ths. characters with spaces (0,3 – 0,8 p.s) are accepted  in electronic Word format for Windows according to the following sections:

– scientific articles

– reviews of  domestic and foreign investigations

– reviews

– original educational and methodical materials

– information materials (advertisements, reports on conferences, etc.

must not exceed  10 ths. characters – 0,2 p.s.).


The submitted articles must not be published earlier in another editions and must not contain incorrect loans words. Authors of articles are responsible for the content of the materials which are not a subject to the open publication, accuracy of the given facts, statistical data, own names.

Requirements to design of materials: A4 page format, all fields of 2 cm,  Times New Roman font, 14 point, line spacing – 1,5; paragraph indent - 1 cm. Design of figures, tables and formulas is carried out by standard means of Microsoft Office Word, tables pagination – at the top of the page (Table 1 – Title), for text in tables – 12 point, line spacing – 1,0; figures pagination – at the foot of the page (Figure 1 – Title).

It is obligatory to specify the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) code in the upper left corner of the first page.

Also the manuscript must contain the following elements:

– title

– author’s info

– summary

– keywords

– references.

Author’s info includes data on the author(s):  full name completely (in Russian and in English),  academic degree, academic status,  position, place of work (full name of the organization in the Nominative case in Russian and in English), city, country, contact phone number, electronic and mail addresses.

Summary: short description of the main idea, aim, results of research (in Russian and in English).

Keywords: some basic concepts and terms used in article are specified (in Russian and in English).

The list of references must be given according to GOST 7.05-2008 in  the  end of article; the quoted (mentioned) sources are grouped in alphabetical order. The sequence number is assigned to each source. References in foreign languages are given after domestic references. In the bibliographic description of a source it must be specified: author, name, place of publishing, name of publishing house (except periodicals), imprint date; for articles - numbers of pages, for monographs, textbooks, abstracts, etc. – total quantity of pages are to be specified.

In case of the link to electronic resources it is necessary to specify heading of the title page of the resource, full address of the resource and the last addressed date to the web page. For example: Encyclopedia of Cyril & Methodius

[Electronic resource].

 URL: http://www.megabook.ru/index.asp?page=enciklopedia (addressed date: 7.12.2012).

The inline reference is designated by square brackets. It must contain a source number and – when citing – a page (or pages) to which the reference is made. Reference example: [5, page 14], i.e. it is quoted the page 14 of a source, number 5 in the list of references.

Materials should be sent to the Editorial Board email address: 2523724@mail.ru.

Editorial Office Mailing Address: Institute of Economics and Management in Medicine and Social Sphere, r. 218.

218 Sadovaya St., Krasnodar, 350042, Russian Federation

Contact phone number: (861)2523724 (Ex. Secretary Nadezhda Valeryevna Klimovskikh).

Документы необходимые при поступлении


  • Факультет среднего профессионального образования
  • Консультации психолога на основе аппаратного тестирования
  • Программы, предлагаемые для повышения квалификации работников образовательных учреждений
  • Группы продленного дня
  • Дистанционное образование
  • Факультет дополнительного профессионального образования

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